Power disruptions and tree damage after massive storm


Massive storm goes through Petrolia and Central Lambton this evening.

Power was out to Petrolia, Wyoming, Oil Springs, Watford and Alvinston for over two hours.

Large branches littered the roads of Wyoming including one large branch which crushed a car.

The Petrolia Enniskillen Fall Fair was closed due to the weather around 7:30pm and when the power went out just before 8 pm, theatregoers at Victoria Playhouse were left in the dark.

The Petrolia North Enniskillen Fire Department was called in to help people out of the darkened building and to rescue a VPP employee who was trapped in the elevator for about an hour and a half. Bluewater Power officials tell The Independent power should be restored to the majority of customers by 10pm. At this time, power has returned to Petrolia.