Brigden Legion invites you to support the troops at Red Friday today


Members of the Brigden Legion want to make sure the Canadian soldiers serving around the globe are not forgotten.

The Royal Canadian Legion Br. 635President Louise Ogilvie says the branch is hosting a Red Friday Rally tomorrow (Sept. 12) on the village’s main street.

The rallies, hosted by Legion branches across Canada, are designed to show soldiers on active duty that Canadians remember their service, even if they aren’t in the news.

“Last year, no one in Lambton County held a Red Friday Rally,” says Ogilvie. So two members of the Brigden Legion suggested the local branch host one as part of its 30th anniversary celebration.

“We wanted to start this tradition in the community,” says Ogilvie.

While there are no active members of the Canadian Forces with relatives in Branch 635, Ogilvie says there is one family in Brigden, the Werdens, whose son is in the military out west.  “Martha was the first one to say ‘Oh yeah – can I get a (Red Friday) T-shirt.”

A teacher at Brigden Public School, Sue Perry, has a relative in the service also. She plans a Red Friday in her classroom and will be urging parents to attend the rally afterward.

Ogilive isn’t sure if any active members of the Canadian Forces will be at the event Friday but she says it is still important for community members to come out. “We need to keep people remembering that we still have troops out there,” she says. “We don’t want people to forget …there is a lot of action going on around the world and Canada is there.”

The Red Friday Rally starts at 4 pm and runs until 7 pm with the Act of Remembrance taking place at 5 pm.

There will be food and T-shirts on sale to raise money for the Royal Canadian Legions fund for homeless veterans.