County to look at options to keep transports out of downtown Petrolia


Lambton County officials will be coming up with some options to restrict trucks on Petrolia Line.

The town asked the county to consider the move after years of concern about heavy trucks going through the downtown. Mayor John McCharles says many of the transports are using the downtown core – which is a county road – as a quick way to get to the ethanol plant in St. Clair Township.

Town officials are concerned about the wear and tear on the roads and the possibility of a pedestrian being hurt when a transport cannot stop.

County councilors discussed the idea at a meeting in Wyoming Wednesday. Jason Cole, manager of public works, says traffic could be restricted on Petrolia Line similar to what was recently done on Lakeshore Road.

“There would be some impacts to roadways outside of Petrolia and in Enniskillen,” Cole told councilors. “We would have to investigate where those restricted limits would go out to.”

Once a bylaw was in place “enforcement would have to go through the OPP and they would have to buy into that.”

County staff will look into the issue and start holding public meetings on truck restrictions if full county council approves the idea in early October.




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