Firefighters ask community to give family a “hand up”


Petrolia firefighters are hoping people will open their hearts to a family dealing with the effects of a chimney fire.

Feb. 12, the department was called to a home on Princess Street to battle a stubborn chimney fire. When a special attachment made to put out chimney fires didn’t work, Deputy Chief Tim Williams says they had to be more aggressive an knocked some holes in the unit.

The fire was out but left the family with a bill of about $10,000 to clean up and repair the chimney. Without insurance, they completed the cleanup themselves and paid for the chimney repairs.

Williams says the family – a couple with their autistic child – had been using the wood stove as its only source of heat for financial reasons. The firefighters association helped them get their gas turned on but Williams says it is a struggle to pay the bill.

“It’s just one more bill they don’t need,” says Williams.

So the firefighters association is asking people to give the family a hand up. The association is collecting cash and checks to get the family back on firm financial footing.

“This is a case where a little financial boost would make a big difference in the family’s health and well being.”

If you want to help, Williams says you can contact any firefighter. Donations – made out to the Petrolia Firefighters Association – are also being accepted at town hall until the end of February.

If you have any questions you can contact Williams at 519-339-6866 or by email at [email protected]