Discovery classic cars on the move


The Petrolia Discovery Classic Car Show is on the move.

The 30th Annual Father’s Day event normally held at Bridgeview Park is moving to Greenwood Park after over a week of rain made the flats too soggy for cars.

“There is too much rain in the forecast to anticipate that it will be dry,” says Discovery Foundation President Dawn Sperling who was at the park Monday before the decision was made.

“It is fairly wet now; there is definitely visible puddles and it doesn’t look like the water is absorbing into the ground or dissipating.”

There would be a chance the ground would dry up in time but Sperling says the forecast called for more rain on Friday. “If it continues to rain this week there would be no way,” she says. “We don’t want people’s beautiful classic cars stuck in the mud…and we have to respect the park belongs to the (St. Clair Region) conservation authority as well we don’t want cause any damage.”

Sperling is working with her board and the town to figure out exactly how the cars will be lined up at Greenwood Park.

In the 30-year history of the show, this is only the second time the foundation has had to move it out of the flats because of water. “We’ve been really luck in the 30 years we’ve had it.”

Sperling is hopeful the change won’t hurt attendance. “It should be good; we’re hoping that some of those people that normally wouldn’t go to the car show would be enticed to go see it.”

Last year about 130 classic car owners came to the Discovery show.