Suncor to replant trees removed from wetland in the spring


Replanting of a woodlot damaged when Suncor Energy constructed its Cedar Point Wind Energy Centre will start in the spring.

Early last summer, a swath of trees in a provincially significant wetland were removed in error as the company prepared to erect 42 wind turbines in Plympton-Wyoming and Lambton Shores. Suncor planned to remove the trees, but altered the plan after the Ministry of the Environment said it was a provincially significant woodlot. However the contractor in charge of preparing the ground work for the wind center got the wrong plan, and 3,000 square meters of trees were cut.

An update from Suncor says the company finished cleaning up the brush left behind, as agreed to with the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority, over the summer. A bulletin to landowners says the replanting plan has been approved and will begin in the spring, managed by Stantec using local suppliers and labour.

The company is also planning its Bird and Bat monitoring program in May for six months. The giant turbines can kill birds and bats with their giant blades. Of particular concern in  this area is the tundra swan since a number of the turbines are on the edge of their regular resting grounds near Port Franks.

Under the terms of its agreement with the MOE, Suncor has to conduct the tests for three years. Officials add the monitoring period extends through the tundra swan’s fall migration to determine if they are affected by the turbines.