Spectra plans housing on soccer pitch

A Petrolia soccer league game in 2016

Spectra Construction has purchased vacant land used by the Petrolia Soccer Association with the vision building a subdivision.

The land on the corner of Valentina and Edward Street is owned by the Catholic Church and has been used for soccer for years. The church has had the property on the market for some time and Spectra President Floyd VanderWal says he’s been interested for some time. When the church lowered its asking price, VanderWal made an offer.

VanderWal says the long-term plan is to develop a single-family residential neighbourhood with about 24 homes. But he says construction is still a ways off. “I’m going to finish developing The Gables (subdivision) first, so it’s a couple of years down the road.” VanderWal says there are still 10 lots in the Gables for development.

Until the shovels turn the earth, Petrolia Soccer is free to use the area. “They were panicking a little bit in the fall when they found it was sold,” he says noting the league needs the space.

“They can use it until I’m ready to develop it…Soccer will be played there for a couple of years.”

VanderWal’s only concern was his liability allowing people to play on the land, but he has worked out an agreement with the town to deal with any insurance issues.