Scotland Sings for Fort McMurray


The people of Fort McMurray are getting a helping hand from Victoria Playhouse Petrolia.

During the opening night performance of Scotland Sings, Artistic Director David Hogan told the audience the night’s proceeds from ticket sales and the nightly 50/50 draw would be going to the Canadian Red Cross to help the people of Fort McMurray.

“It’s clear that we, as Canadians, have to take care of each other and this is one way we can do it. It’s a small gesture that we’re hoping will go along way,” he told the audience. “We are thinking of and praying for our Albertans as they face a devastating life altering challenge.”

Patrons were also asked to contribute at the door. Hogan told Petrolia Council Monday over $10,000 was raised. The Canadian government will match all donations made to the Red Cross.

Councillor Liz Welsh says people of Fort McMurray had already heard about the gesture.

Welsh was in contact with a friend who lives in Fort McMurray who was “touched” by the donation. “She wanted to thank everyone for that,” she says.