Tile Yard Road likely to open over the weekend



There should be another way in and out of Petrolia for drivers by the end of the week.

Enniskillen Mayor Kevin Marriott says construction on Tile Yard Road on the outskirts of Petrolia should be complete by Friday if the weather holds.

For the second year in a row, Enniskillen has been repairing one of the main routes out of the south end of town. Last year, the township was able to complete the drainage work and base of the road before construction crews moved into Petrolia’s downtown. That made traffic flow a little easier. But this year, the work in Petrolia started earlier and Marriott says the Enniskillen work is slightly behind schedule.

The township has spend $300,000 this year repairing the deck of the bridge on Tile Yard Road and repaving the stretch between First Ave and Rokeby Line.

Marriott says the paving was expected to begin Wednesday and the road would open by Friday.

Meantime, The reconstruction of Petrolia Line is progressing well but it is too early to say whether the construction crew will be done ahead of schedule.

Mike Thompson, director of operations for Petrolia, says phase two of the $5.3 million project has been “going great” with contractor Henry Heyink Construction working hard to move the project forward. Right now Fletcher Street to King is dug up as the crews work to replace storm sewers and water mains. “There is a lot of equipment and things are going smoothly,” Thompson told council Monday.

He adds a temporary water line is up and running and should mean fewer disruptions for local businesses. “The temporary water line is huge as far as the operation of local businesses goes,” he says.

One councillor asked Thompson if the project was ahead of schedule and whether the project would be completed before October’s timetable. “It’s too early to tell if they’re ahead of schedule… but the contractor has high hopes to be done earlier.”