Educators will be fighting fires in a different way


The Independent Staff

They won’t be spraying water on flames but Public Fire Educators at the Petrolia North Enniskillen Fire Department will be fighting fires, too.

Chief Lawrence Swift says the department is looking for people who would be interested in spreading the fire prevention message, with the help of current volunteers.

“Firefighters have been doing this type of activities for years. Basically we need someone to take a leadership role, to organize and coordinate,” he says, adding an educator could make a big difference helping families be prepared.

Swift says the department is looking for someone “who truly believes” in fire prevention” adding the Public Fire Educator will be trained before they start their work.

Swift says over the years, fire prevention has lowered the number of deaths in fires and many departments are now using educators to increase fire prevention education efforts. He says with an educator, there is the potential to save even more lives and reduce the amount of property damage incurred by fires.

If you’re interested, you can contact the Fire department at 519-882-2020.