Life long friends celebrate Canada’s birthday in a unique way


A group of Lambton County ladies who have been friends for decades have come up with their own unique way to celebrate Canada’s 150th and couple of milestone birthdays.

Sharon Stonehouse, Carolynne Griffith, Karen App, Gayle Jackson and Linda Moore – who have been friends for 60 years – have created the Celebrate Canada 150 calendar.

Griffith got the idea after seeing a similar calendar of nude ladies in Port Stanley. “We checked around and a couple of people thought we’d better do it with our clothes on,” she jokes.  The friends took sunny days and posed in different outfits and different locations reflecting different celebrations in the year. They started in May and by late October, 500 copies of the calendar were hot off the presses.

The friends, some of whom are celebrating their 75th birthdays in 2017, decided to give the money to the Rural Women’s Network. “We’re very fortunate to grow up in a time when women evolved over time to be free to make decisions and vote. A lot of women in the world still don’t have that,” says Griffith.

The calendars are available at various local gift shops and florists in Petrolia.