Roadside wheelie bins for Dawn-Euphemia not a done deal


Municipality hosted two public meetings on proposed system

Dawn-Euphemia Mayor Al Broad says the municipality will go road-by-road to see who wants roadside garbage and recycling collection.
The municipality held two open houses April 11 to talk about the possibility of using “Wheelie Bins” in both Dawn and Euphemia.
Currently, Dawn residents take their trash to the dump and recycling to a depot. Broad says the municipality’s waste provider – Bluewater Recycling Association – is phasing out the old style of garbage trucks and using a new automated system with large bins with wheels.
The municipality thought it was a good time to consider whether to extend garbage service to Dawn, since there had been requests.
Residents will be able to get a small garbage bin for just over $100 and everyone gets a free recycling bin. Homeowners can buy larger garbage bins if they wish.
Broad attended one of the two meetings and says the greatest concern comes from those living near the Dawn landfill who find the current system inexpensive and convenient.
But Broad says the new system wouldn’t cost taxpayers a lot of money.
“You’re looking at $2 a week to have your garbage and recycling picked up.”
The township would eliminate a bag tag fee in Euphemia and the cost of the system would not go on the tax base.
Some expressed concern the bins would create problems in high winds.
Jerry Burns says they’ll end up on the road and create a hazard.
“My concern is it would cause potential damage to equipment or people,” he says adding the homeowners might be liable for it.
But Burns adds he doesn’t have a problem with the cost and anyone who he’s talked to who use the bins are “quite happy with them.”
Broad says the main concern has been the cost.
He says Dawn-Euphemia won’t force the Wheelie Bins on its residents.
“We’re going to have to look at it on a road-by-road basis. We can’t send trucks up and down roads with 10 homes where one wants it and nine don’t,” he says.
“We wanted feedback from the ratepayers, we wanted to make it very clear and open what we were doing. We may not do anything or we may have to go to a different supplier,” Broad says. A report on the public meetings is expected at council this month.


  1. Mr. Broad. I’m happy that it’s not a “done deal”. Because most things about it make no sense to the tax payers of whom you work for. I have a family of six and my inflated(which I’m sure it is) potential garbage hike will give me 2 bags of garbage and all the recyclables I want every two weeks. My neighbour is an organic farmer with two people in the household and recycles like the world will end tomorrow! They bring eight bags every two weeks. That equals four. Now I realize we can pay more for less but Im kind of sick of doing that! BRA claims non profit and claims the recycling pays for all their work. From a business stand point would it make more sense to pick up ten tons of recycling that the tax payers brought to the bin on their own dime, than to drive a million miles down low density roads to get ten pounds? I think we both know that answer. I think the old way is greener! Just because Kathleen gives money to you and BRA doesn’t make this deal right. It costs all of us alot more in the long run. Remember that private guy who tried to make a go of door to door pick up to provide for his family and pay taxes? Yes you do! You hid behind liability. Why didn’t you help a tax payer pay more taxes by setting him up to be successful. Instead you gave it to big business funded by Kathleen. Keep it real Al! Ok? You work for the people not your buddies! You have claimed in the past that your hands are tied by Kathleen! If that’s the case then we don’t need a council! Cheers!

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