CANADA 150: Enniskillen residents celebrate with a tradition

Rudy Krall, seen here working at the 2017 Canada Day Chicken Barbecue, died Wednesday at the age of 86.

For 57 years, Canada Day in Enniskillen means Chicken Barbecue. This year it was no different as over 200 pieces of chicken were prepared for the event.


Rudy Krall, one of the original volunteers of Enniskillen’s Chicken Barbecue, prepares the chicken.
The community gathers at the public works building for the dinner
Councillors serve up the meal. Seen here are Judy Krall and Mary Lynne McCallum
Mayor Kevin Marriott hands out the chicken at the annual event
Also at the meal, Tim Sinclair was named the Senior of the Year in Enniskillen. Sinclair played an instrumental role in many organizations including girls baseball. He also has cared for the Oil City Cemetery for years