Art committee members show their own creations

Art by former Art Advisory Committee member Sharon Stewart

Karen Campbell and the Victoria Hall Art Advisory Committee look long and hard for talented local artists for their exhibits.
This month, the group didn’t look too far. They decided members of the committee, past and present, should pick a few items to be part of the July show called Committee Creations.
Campbell has been painting in retirement and contributed some of her floral watercolours to the show. “Large scale florals, that’s my favourite,” she says. “I also like to paint rocks and stones; it might seem a world apart but in many ways they’re quite similar…the effects of the sun show the uniqueness of every one of them.”
The kinds of creation on display in Victoria Hall area also unique, everything from photography to painting and even a hooked rug made by Councillor Liz Welsh who is part of the group.
Campbell says it was great fun to watch as each member brought their pieces in to be added to the show. “Everyone has some artistic talent and we thought it would be fun to put them together.”
Campbell says it really opened her eyes to the talent on the committee. “Some people you know a little bit about what they do and some people you don’t. When you see it, you think ‘Wow – that’s amazing’
“This happens every time we hang a show, we stand back and say ‘Wow – that really came together.’ And we said the same thing this time.” Committee Creations is on display until the last weekend of July.