Average Alvinston water bill going up about 27 per cent


Saying they have to bite the bullet, Brooke-Alvinston has raised water rates in Alvinston.
Treasurer Steve Ikert came to council earlier this year saying since 2009, about $800,000 was taken out of reserves to pay for the operation of the water and sewage systems. The province says the cost of water and sewer should be paid for solely with rates.
Ikert came up with a range of options which would see rates in the village jump significantly. The options were brought to a public meeting and the small number of people there understood the need for the rate hike.
So on July 13, council hiked water and sewer rates by about 27 per cent for the average user, increasing the yearly bill from about $712 to $972. The people who use the least water will see their bills increase the most – about $477 a year.
Ikert expects it will take 10 years to pay off the deficit in the water and sewer budgets.
“We’ve got to raise it,” said Councillor Frank Nemcek. “We’ve got to bite the bullet.
The new rates will take effect starting in August.


  1. If the township fixed the leaks in the system on a timely manner then we wouldn’t have the expense we do. There has been several breaks over the last few years that was wasting tax payers money. One recently waisted thousands of our money. If we fix the system and be proactive then we wouldn’t have this problem. We are one of if not the highest paying for water in Lambton County.

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