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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Warwick holding a homestyle maple syrup festival Sunday

Warwick Township is going to spread a little sweetness around the community.

It’s holding a homestyle maple syrup festival April 12.

The two maple syrup festivals in Watford and Warwick scheduled in March were cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mayor Jackie Rombouts says the Watford Optimist Club, which was involved in the event, was disappointed. 

“They were upset it was cancelled; they wanted to do something and that got the wheels turning,” says Rombouts. “We thought, we can still do it, we just can’t do it all together.”

So, Rombouts and the Optimist worked with the maple syrup supplier and soon volunteers will be delivering 250 ml bottles to every resident in the township.

Rombouts says volunteers who will screened for COVID-19, will take training in physical distancing, then deliver the maple syrup right to resident’s mailbox after wiping it down with a disinfectant.

Rombouts says township residents will be getting information about the event in their mailbox. There will be a pamphlet which says “have a sweet Sunday on us, share your photos of everybody enjoy pancakes with syrup…with the hashtag Warwick is Sweet.

“It’s just to have fun and let the community know we’re all in this together.”

And there will be a gentle reminder to residents about staying safe.

“We’re going to encourage social distancing in a nice way….we’re all staying at home but nothing is going to stop our community from enjoying a maple syrup homestyle festival.”

WATCH: Scenes from Petrolia’s Santa Claus Parade

And the man of the hour

There was Santa, the Grinch, Shriners, politicians and pets and a lot of children as the annual Santa Claus parade wound its way through Petrolia.

Here are a few scenes from the event.

Santa lights up Wyoming with Christmas in the Village

It was a night of music, friends and family in Wyoming for the annual Christmas in Village in Wyoming.

Hundreds walked to the Pat Davidson Library for the lighting of the Christmas tree as members of the Nightingale Chorus sung carols Saturday. After the ceremony, families returned to the Lion’s Hall to hear more carols and get a chance to talk to Santa.

Here’s a taste of the evening; check out Santa dancing at 30 seconds.

Petrolia BIA creation delayed as town talks to more businesses

Petrolia officials are taking more time to meet with more businesses before asking council to form the Petrolia Business Association.

Recently, the town has been holding public information meetings about the ideas. It also sent out letters to the 127 businesses across the municipality about the concept.

The idea is each business would face a new $150 levy on their taxes. The town would match that amount and the money would be used to market Petrolia’s businesses, bringing more people to the community to shop and possibly live.

The businesses were asked to respond with their concerns to the town The town had two meetings in November to hear from business people about the concept. The plan was to present the concept for approval at council Dec. 13.

However Laurissa Ellsworth, director of marketing, arts and communications, says they plan to take more time to talk to a wider range of businesses after hearing some concerns voiced.

Ellsworth says the project will move ahead if 66 per cent of the businesses have not objected in writing to the plan.

Council is expected to deal with a new vacant building bylaw which would fines landowners who leave their buildings in poor repair at the Dec. 13 council.

Santa makes his way to Petrolia

Petrolia’s downtown streets were lined with people ready to celebrate the Christmas season.

The parade wound its way through town on the traditional route this year including the downtown where people gathered to watch. Last year, the parade made its way around the entire town as the province was not allowing gatherings like parades because of the pandemic.

Here are a few scenes from the parade.

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