Water restrictions in effect for Petrolia

Crews are repairing the water intake for Petrolia's water treatment plant in Bright's Grove.

People in Petrolia are being asked to conserve water for the time being.

Work is underway at the Brights Grove Water Treatment plant and the town is asking people to restrict the use of non-essential water uses.

A news release from the time asks people in homes with an even number to use water between the hours of 5:30 amĀ  to 10 am and 7 pm and 11 pm for things like lawn watering and car washing. People who have odd numbers for their municipal addresses are to do the same on odd numbered days. The restrictions are in place until further notice

The town has also notified Enniskillen and Dawn-Euphemia who buy water from Petrolia of the issue as well.

The town’s water intake in Bright’s Grove is being repaired with a new steel crib being put around the pipeline which brings water to the treatment plant. It’s expected to cost about $460,000.