Grade 6 Math scores still problematic


Math seems to be a big problem for Grade 6 students.
The latest results from the Education Quality and Accountability Office show Grade 6 students in both public and Catholic Schools in the area are struggling with the subject.
While reading and writing scores were around the provincial average for Grade 6 students at the St. Clair Catholic District School Board, only 39 per cent of the students reached provincial standards in Math. That compares with only 50 per cent across the province.
The story wasn’t much different at the Lambton-Kent District School Board where 39 per cent of Grade 6 students met provincial standards for Math.
Grade 3 Catholic school students Math skills seemed to be improving with 64 per cent meeting provincial standards compared to about 62 per cent across the province. But Laura Callaghan, superintendent of education for elementary curriculum with St. Clair, says the board has more work to do. “Our teachers, principals and support staff continue to make math a priority and are working to ensure progress in this area.”
At the public board, Director of Education Jim Costello said in a news release while the results inform decisions to promote student academic achievements, the board focuses on supporting student success and wellbeing. “We are proud of the progress of our students and we continue to look for ways to improve our assessment preparation and the integration of technology to enhance learning opportunities.”
Students fared better in reading and writing – Catholic Grade 3 students exceeding provincial standards. Their public school counter parts were below the provincial average with 69 per cent meeting reading and writing standards compared to 74 per cent across the province.
About 83 per cent of Catholic students passed the Grade 10 literacy test the first time while at the public board, 75 per cent of people passed the first time.