Liberaterian wants to give power to the people


EDITOR’S NOTE: These are the final profiles of candidates in our series

Brad Greulich says its time to give people the power back.
The 29 year-old father is a machinist and is running for the Liberaterian Party in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex.
“I do not believe that it is ever right to steal money from one group of people to buy votes from another… I am certain that in order to make Ontario a prosperous place to live and work, we need to reduce the size and scope of our government.
“We need to take decision making power away from large, unaccountable governments, who waste the hard earned money of working class Ontarians.
“This power needs to return to whom it belongs; the individual, the family unit,” says Greulich in a news release.



  1. Well said !!!

    I am very seriously thinking of going to the convention in OTTAWA in July.

    I want to learn more.
    I live in Sarnia

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