New party advocates income redistribution, detaining homeless


EDITOR’S NOTE: These are the final profiles of candidates in our series

A Sarnia woman thinks it is time for a drastic change.
So Fanina Kodre has started a new political party in time for the Ontario election.
Kodre is running the Sarnia-Lambton riding even though The Century Party doesn’t have party status. The Century Party advocates wealth redistribution to ensure workers get a share of the profits, seniors get a pension tied to the minimum wage and a $10,000 per year mortgage deduction for those making less than $200,000. The party would “direct” police to “place homeless people into protective custody” to have psychiatric assessments done, and sign them up for social assistance.
“I think it is time for a  drastic change,” says Kodre who worked for the United Nations in Africa for the past 13 years.
“In order for everybody to prosper we need to have a circular economy for the money to circulate,” she says. “We need people to have disposable income to invest in business and spending.
“We want to look at a comprehensive solution not a band aid.”
Kodre says Ontario is “stagnant ….need to work forward. We are running our economy into deficit
“We wanted to give an alternative option to those who don’t think there is another options.”