Bryce wants to help Plympton-Wyoming


Curtis Bryce likes to give back to his community
The 57 year-old electrician has been active in his community including in youth sports and the Wyoming Legion, but for the first time, he wants to try his hand at local politics. Bryce is one of nine people seeking a councillor’s seat in Plympton-Wyoming.
What made you decide you want to run for council?
“I have no real issue, I have no axe to grind. It’s just that I have no excuse not to run. I’m an empty nester recently and the next four years look to be four years that I can commit to the town. I’ve been interested in politics for some time. I’ve participated in several different parties provincially and federally and done lots of committee work…and for church executive.”
What do you want to accomplish at council?
“A successful four years for me would be no surprises for the people of Plympton-Wyoming. I want to de-risk the environment for business to participate in Plympton-Wyoming. And when I say de-risk, I’m talking about new rules or changing the rules all the time -which is always frustrating…not to say there are not going to be improvements, but its measured. It’s predictable so you don’t catch people off guard. So a steady pace in the community and just an opportunity for me to serve the community which has been a great place to raise my kids. I don’t think that to date, I have given back enough to feel good about it. So, this will be a good opportunity for me to give back.”
What is the biggest issue in the election?
“One of the things that is going to carry forward is the reallocation of land use – that was probably one of the most contentious issues…I’m sure we’re going to have to deal with that. But I’m slow to criticize because I don’t have access to all the information councillors have.
“If I could change anything it would mean less in camera time. I understand there has to be some in camera time when you’re dealing with personnel issues, but I just want to make sure it is not being abused. I don’t know that it has been…but I’m really not particularly upset about anything the past council has done.”