Graham wants to put experience gained in homeland to work in Petrolia


Nicee Graham thinks she can contribute to her adopted hometown.
The 48 year-old mother of five is running for a councillors’ seat in Petrolia. While she’s never been elected to public office, she has worked in municipal politics in her native Brazil. She’s hoping that experience will translate in Petrolia.
Do you have any political experience?
“I worked in Brazil in a political office,” she says. “I was working with the mayor in my town in Brazil. I worked for five years there.”
She says municipal government in Brazil is “pretty much the same” as in Ontario.
And she says she enjoyed being part of the mayor’s staff.
“I found it interesting that you can make things happen; you’re working for the good of the people and you do have the responsibilty of representing the taxpayers’ money…you have purpose to work in a way people will be happy.”
What made you decide you want to run for council?
To be a voice of people of people who cannot be there. I have the time and the energy and the creativity to do things.”
What is the biggest issue in the election in Petrolia?
“I don’t think there is one big issue or a big purpose. I look at it as an opportunity to be there and, again, represent people…I’m not concerned about those issues, they will always be there, whether I’m there or not.
What do you bring to council that other people may not?
I will have time on my hands right now while kids are at school and independent – I’ll have time…I’m not afraid to be there. People say, ‘I can’t do it because I’m not available to be there or I’m not educated enough or I don’t have time, but I think I bring that, too.”
If you are elected, would you vote to have the Fleming report on the actions of the former CAO released?
I think people need to know, I think I would vote to release it.
Do you favour moving town hall out of Victoria Hall as suggested to council by a consultant?
I would have to look at that issue.