Douglas wants to bring Inwood and Alvinston together again


Les Douglas wants to solve some of the problems he sees in Brooke-Alvinston and heal the rift in the community.
The 45 year-old farmer is running for a councillors position on Brooke-Alvinston Council. The former Inwood deputy chief says he’s upset with the current council’s performance in a number of issues, and he wants to be part of the decision making process.
Why are you running for council?
“If you’re going to complain about something you should stand up for it…I have a general unhappiness with the performance of council.”
What is the biggest issue in the election in Brooke-Alvinston?
“Of course the fire issue is one of them, but I don’t want to make that my big issue…I’ve had to deal with council over the fire department, I wasn’t happy with how that was handled…how they’ve handled how the Optimists are trying to get the arena addition built, the lack of them willing to work with us; just them kind of hiding everything – I’m just unhappy with their entire performance. There is no common sense. I guess that’s what I’m trying to do bring common sense back.”
You don’t think council was very cooperative – how do you change that?
“I’d like to think I’m 30 years younger than everyone on town council. I’d like to think we’re bringing a different perspective on life in general in our community…they all see it as a dying place and I don’t think it is. How am I going to do it? I’m going to listen to people and try to bring forward their concerns. The current council seems to ignore the concerns of the everyday citizens.”
Is there something you would like to see happen in the next four years?
“I’d just like to get the two communities of Inwood and Alvinston back together again,” says Douglas speaking of the rift that has developed over the fire issue in Inwood. “There seems to be a big disconnect…it is an unfortunate thing with the fire departments.”
How do you do that?
“With a younger council you will get more youth oriented activities, I guess..I don’t really know what the answer is..but let’s solve some of these problems together.”