Benoit wants to figure out other ways to bring in new revenue, increase tourism


Vanessa Benoit doesn’t think there is a magic solution to the dispute at the Inwood Fire Department. The newcomer to Brooke-Alvinston wants to be part of council to help the community continue to grow.
Benoit has been in the area less than a year, but neighbours encouraged her to run in the Oct. 22 election. So, for the first time, she’s seeking a seat at the table..
What is the biggest issue in the election?
“I think there are a number of people worried about the issues going on with the fire department. At the same time, I’ve looked into that quite a bit and there is actually very little that can change.
“Unless there is an opportunity to smooth things over within the framework of rules we have to live with…other than that I think everywhere in rural communities this is an issue, the money coming in from the province is dwindling…We have to look at other ways of bringing in revenue and hopefully we’ll be creative about that. Try to build up tourism…trying to figure out ways to come together as a community…
“I think it would be really good if we got a mayor and council in to say ‘What can we do to bring more business in, to encourage more tourism; what can we do other than these temporary things like apply for grants.”
“I think it is a great place and has a lot to offer it is just going to take some interesting and creative thinking.”
From your perspective, do you think council had been moving in the right direction on economic development?
“I know not everyone liked the water bill going up but I also know the finanical reasons behind that. I think council that is there now has been trying their best with what they have but maybe it is time for someone with new ideas. I don’t think they have done a bad job.”
Do you have something you would like done in the next four years?
Benoit likes the tourism efforts so far; “what if we could get more people here…drawing more attention in …as a way to galvanize the community and get people interested.
If not that, I want to be full throttle brainstorming on that.”