Schenk wants to put his experience to work in Plympton-Wyoming


Ron Schenk wants to be the experience on Plympton-Wyoming council.
The four term councillor is seeking another term in the Oct. 22nd election saying with so many changes coming to the make up of council, it would be good to have an experienced councillor on hand.
Why are you running for council?
“There has been a bunch of changes and there are a number of open spots (on council) so I want to add a little bit of leadership and experience before I move on.”
Are there issues that you feel need that experience?
“Development along the lakefront and continuing with proper funding for infrastructure…and just generally knowing how it all works.”
One of the issues people in Plympton-Wyoming is development in the lakeshore area. They aren’t sure council is going in the right direction. Could you articulate why you think the way council is moving now is a good decision?
“Because that’s where people want to go. To me there is a real natural break with the one side lakeshore and the other side agriculture. We’ve been pretty firm on that is agriculture, no severances, no development, that is agriculture. I think and everybody thought and obviously after five losses at the OMB hearings, everyone thought that was the area for development. And it is a natural progression toward lakeshore.
 I think the concern is Plympton-Wyoming can keep pace with the development if we open the whole area up?
“Developers are going to develop where they want to go. We need to guide them. There is a fine line of where a developer should be able to put his money…we’re trying to give proper guidance. But I think that whole area is going to be the future. There is going to be 400 lots in those 100 acres. We’ll there has never been 400 lots sold in a million years in Plympton-Wyoming and I don’t think there ever will be …the concern everyone has that it is all going to happen in one year, it is not going to happen. It never has…developers aren’t stupid. They’re not going to put 300 lots in with a new road if they know they’re not going to be sold. I think everyone discounts what a developer with his own money is going to do.”
Are there things you would like to see accomplished in the next four years of council?
“Continuing on the path…everything has been pretty good in Plympton-Wyoming. We have reserves…continue on the same way we have been going. I don’t really see any big problem.