Morris brings fresh eyes and experience in Warwick


A former Warwick Councillor wants to return to the council table.
Wayne Morris was a Warwick Township councillor 12 years ago for two terms. At the time his family was young and he decided to step away from the position to spend more time with them.
The now retired health and safety coordinator says he has time and desire to serve his community again.
Why are you running for council?
“I think I bring a new set of eyes to the table with some experience. I don’t think any of the other candidates can say that. I have a strong interest in small business and I think you have to have growth – small business is key to that. If you don’t have successful small businesses, you’re not going to have a successful community.”
How do you encourage the growth of small business?
“You have to make people want to come to your village, to your community, by doing that you keep your community up. Keep an inventory of what housing is available. Work with your real estate agents with any information they might need.”
He adds the addition of a Tim Horton’s in Watford will naturally increase traffic to the community.
What are the big issues for you in this election?
“I would say the smell of the landfill site – the odour. I hear a lot of people complain about that. The lack of residential lots is also a problem.”
Morris adds completing a new Centennial Hall is also important to the community. “They have done a lot of work on it already. ..I think it definitely needs to move forward. It is very important. You need to have facilities. We need somewhere for seniors to walk in the winter…we need somewhere for people to have weddings and meetings.”
Morris hasn’t seen all the numbers on the Centennial Hall replacement yet, so he doesn’t want to comment on what he would prefer to see happen.
What sort of qualities do you have personally that will make you a good councillor?
“I try to be a good listener. I am very concerned about people’s problems. I am definitely a people person – just trying to hear their problems.
“I went back to college to get my advanced degree in human resources so I have some business skills in there.
“I’ve been a farmer all my life and still own my family farm…I’ve been married for 37 years, so that’s got to say something.
“And I’m a team player.
“I strongly agree about giving your opinions but when a decision is made and council says this is what we’re doing, you can’t keep hacking on it, you gotta move on to future things. I’m a team player..”