VanKessel runs for better future in Warwick


Tylor VanKessel wants to be part of Warwick Township Council to create opportunities for his children.
VanKessel, 36, is a full-time chicken and cash crop farmer and father of three. He’s concerned they might find themselves in the same position he was if their local school can’t be sustained. So he’s running for councillor in Warwick to have a seat at the table when decisions are made and to try to make build up the community for the future.
Why are you running for council?
“I think I have some points to add to the community and hoping to hear some of the things people have to say.
“I want to try to work with the rural schools and try to keep them operating and try to create jobs for our young people. Basically, I’m trying to create opportunity for my kids to stay here in the future.” Schools are important to VanKessel. He completed most of his high school education in Watford but had to move to Petrolia when the local high school shutdown. “I felt out of place, you were graduating in a different community. There is always a lot of talk about closing rural schools and just being at the table and being part of the solution to try to keep it going and open is where I want to be at.”
Do you see that a lot, that teens leave the community for school and don’t come back?
“There are mostly agricultural based jobs in the community and it would be nice to see some industrial type jobs here.”
Do you have ideas to attract those sort of businesses to Warwick?
“Just hopefully to have an open mind if people try to create businesses or opportunities for jobs.”
Are there issues you feel need to be addressed in Warwick?
“I think most things are going along fine. I don’t think there are any major issues now.”
What sort of personality traits do you have that would make you a good councillor?
“I think just growing up in the community and starting a young family now for us. I think I’m a good communicator and a team player and have logical thinking and want to create good answers for people.”