Meyers says fixing Moore Sports Complex top priority


In the past 14 years Bill Myers has learned about building consensus while serving on the Moore Agricultural Society.
Now the political rookie is hoping to take that experience into the role of councillor in Ward 2 of St. Clair Township.
As an organizer with the Brigden Fair Board — including three terms as president — Myers understands not all people think the same.
It’s a generality he can apply to municipal politics, he says.
“If you have an idea, you have to do your homework and pound the pavement to help bring change,” Myers explains.
Fixing St. Clair Township’s aging infrastructure, namely the Moore Sports Complex and the golf course, are the biggest issues facing council, he says.
He’s not sure if that means a refit or a rebuild, but adds he’s “committed” to maintaining a facility.
“Through fact based research and proper budgeting, monies can be allotted to correct these issues without drastically affecting tax rates,” he says.
His goal over the next four years is to “maintain and improve services and community reserves while keeping the tax rate low.
A former resident of Chatham-Kent, Myers and his family moved to St. Clair 15 years ago. In addition to being a machinist, he’s also raised stable horses and is thinking about getting a pair of heavy horses. While he admits it’s a bit of a drive to get to things, Myers says he wouldn’t have it any other way. I love where I live.”
Myers says his favourite thing about the township is the people. “I’ve found people to be helpful and supportive and have enjoyed working with them on many projects,” he notes.