Weed wants to be voice of youth in PW


Conner Weed has had the nickname the future Mayor of Wyoming since he was a young boy.
He’s not quite ready for the chain of office yet, but the 24 year-old does want a seat around the council table.
Weed ran in the 2014 election, losing by just 88 votes. So, the health and safety officer is back in the fray again for the Oct. 22nd election in Plympton-Wyoming.
Why did you decided to run for council?
“I was always brought up if you don’t get involved then really you shouldn’t get a say. Really, I want the younger generation, the young perspective, to be on council…I just feel Wyoming has so much potential for younger families and to bring younger families in and start their families in Plympton-Wyoming.”
What does Plympton-Wyoming need to make it a spot for young families?
“Look at our neighbours…Petrolia has Petrolia Days, street dances, markets, they have things to bring the community together. If we can have events that bring Plympton and Wyoming together as one, let’s meet your neighbours, let’s make it like it was years ago when Wyoming had the street dances and when Wyoming had town events. It’s just little things in the community that make…the community wonderful to live in.
What do you think is the biggest issue in Plympton-Wyoming this election?
“There are a few issues; revamping the downtown core for Wyoming is a main key issue I think. Then, out in Plympton Township, Camlachie and Errol Village it is residential zoning and farmers trying to make a quick buck out of making our farming land into residential properties.”
The current council has decided everything north of Lakeshore Road should be residential – do you agree with that?
“I’m for the people on this one. The people on that side of Lakeshore do not wish for it to be residential. I’m all for growth in the right places but how they’re going about it I don’t agree with. Council has done a few shotgun decisions over the past couple of years – let’s pass this and get it done. It doesn’t take a lot to take some time and do some research and save Plympton-Wyoming a few dollars over the years.
“The splash pad in Wyoming cost us more money in the long run because we didn’t look into it. We could have put a water recycle system in it and that would have saved us thousands of dollars a year. But council pushed that through just to make them look good.”
What characteristics do you have that would make a good town councillor?
“I’ve spent my whole life in Wyoming. I grew up with the nickname the future mayor of Wyoming or the junior mayor. I feel I can relate with people.
You don’t really see the council communicating. We have scaffolding in downtown Wyoming that we have not heard too much about. Then there is the revamping of the downtown core; I just urge council to make meeting times more convenient. To have meetings at four in the afternoon and eight in the morning is not convenient for every Bob and Joe who works.”
Weed would like the town to become active on social media to communicate better. He is also concerned local businesses are missing out on government work and he would like to “see more local, lets start supporting our local businesses again.”