Dew wants to represent youth in Brooke-Alvinston


Kenneth Dew wants to attract new agriculture related businesses to Brooke-Alvinston.
The 67 year-old retired landscaper and bookkeeper is running for the third time for municipal office.
Dew decided to run to represent a new generation. “Sooner or later young people needed a break. What it is now is the older generation is in there now, and it seems to be going back to the same old same. We gotta bring it forward.
Dew says he knows a lot of young people and “I get along with them. And they tell me stuff.”
Dew says this past council has not been open enough with the public, he’s concerned there are financial problems and he says the issue of the Inwood firefighters resigning needs to be addressed.
Dew wants to “open the township right up” with a newsletter for residents. “The lack of communication is unreal here.”
Dew believes his personal characteristics of being honest and straight forward would also help. “I would never go behind one person’s back and tell them one thing and do the other… I’m tell it the way it is.”
Dew is concerned Inwood isn’t getting its fair share of the tax dollars. “I believe in equality. Everything should be equal. Inwood should have some from the same features as Alvinston has.”
Dew says the community isn’t attracting enough events and he believes new businesses like an auction barn may help. “It would be a drawing card to get this municipality know and bring more income in.”