Everaert wants to get rid of St. Clair’s ‘old boys’ club’


Mayoral candidate Brian Everaert thinks fresh blood is badly needed in St. Clair Township.
“Council is sometimes referred to as an old boy’s club,” Everaert says. “It’s time for some new faces with fresh ideas and strategies,” Everaert says, adding a new mayor with a “passion for politics” can be the “driver of political change.”
The Wilkesport-area resident, a 20-year member of Ironworkers Local 700, says the “welfare of the people” is at the top of his list. Solving the township’s “high speed Internet crisis” is also a priority.
“We need it to promote economic growth and development,” he said.
Repairing and renovating the Moore Sports Complex and the golf course clubhouse are also high priority,
Seeking the mayor’s seat is Everaert’s first foray into municipal politics, although he did run unsuccessfully in the last provincial election for the Trillium Party.
He wants citizens to feel they’re heard. “I want to bring forth honesty, loyalty and transparency,” he says, even while making “challenging decisions. I want to ensure the public’s trust in me is well placed.”
Everaert would like to see services expanded and is one of his pet projects would be facilitating a centrally located senior centre that would be fully accessible.
He also wants a transparent process for people bidding for municipal work.
“It would open the doors up for young people to get some of the business,” he says.
Everaert says the best thing about St. Clair is “local pride” in the community.
“The fellowship of the community is strong,” he says, adding the unique parks and waterway system is “second to none.
“Together we will make our township the very best it can be,” he adds.
“I’m about integrity,” Everaert explains. “I want all the citizens to know that. I feel like deep down in my guts, the people want a change.”