Pook says Catholic identity in schools should be preserved


Patricia Pook wants Catholic schools to maintain their identity.
The retired high school teacher from Ridgetown has been active in her community and her church and says she understands the issues facing the system.
The Issues: My platform has focused on retaining our Catholic schools and identity, maintaining our local schools, and continuing to teach our students 21 Century skills and knowledge that will make them competitive and successful. To do this we must take a holistic approach. Catholic schools build leaders who build communities.  I understand the most important issue is not political, but rather personal  Parents want an education that educates the whole child – one that builds  excellence in character and excellence in education.
There has been much talk of merging school boards, what do you think?
“The recent interest to merge all four school boards in order to cut costs ignores the question of Catholic identity. The constitutional right of Catholics to Catholic education should be preserved on the basis of  historical context and social need.
“Cost savings are not always measured in dollars.  The St. Clair Board has maintained a reputation for providing excellent education within budget. Programs that support learning for all children, including children with disabilities and diverse groups have been championed
“Creative solutions for cost savings, such as sharing school resources and buildings, while retaining  Catholic teachings, are alternatives that have worked in other municipalities.
“If elected Trustee for the St. Clair Catholic Board I will promote creative solutions to cost savings, rather than “merging” into one board that ignores the costs to Catholic values and beliefs.