Internet Agar’s top priority in St. Clair


Jeff Agar thinks St. Clair Township needs a change in leadership and he hoping voters will see him as the best choice for a new mayor.
He’s currently wrapping up his third term as a Ward 1 council. “It was always my plan,” he explains, adding he’s served on a multitude of committees and knows how the process works. “Plus,” he adds, “I’ve been a hockey coach for many years and I emphasize the team approach.
Agar, who works at Alliance Fabrication, says his main concern, is to bringing high-speed Internet to all St. Clair. “We’ve got million dollar houses with no Internet plus our agricultural community needs it,” Agar says. “I feel for anybody without good Internet,” he adds. “It’s hard to fathom…I think we can do better.”
Agar says the municipality needs to address the deteriorating Moore Sports Complex and golf course clubhouse.
“The arena is in rough shape,” Agar explains. “It needs a lot…we may have to gather public input to see what people want.”
Agar sees the diversity of St. Clair — with its large and small industry, agricultural and small villages — as its great strength and he loves the municipality’s “tight-knit” community.
He believes his “honest approach” will serve residents well if he’s elected to the mayor’s chair. “If you treat people with respect, and answer as best you can, and try and assist you will get positive feedback,” Agar notes.
If elected, Agar says he wants to ensure that council’s decisions are fiscally responsible.
“I worry that there will not be enough funds to afford all the projects that need completion without raising taxes above the rate of inflation,” he says. “We have to do whatever it takes to make it possible.”