One arrested after armed robbery in Brigden


Lambton OPP are just now releasing information about an armed robbery at Brigden’s only gas bar.

Eight days ago, police were called to Super Choice Gas bar on Brigden Road and Courtright Line. Three men came into the variety store, one with a weapon, and threatened the employee.

One man took money from the cash register while the two others stole merchandise from the variety story. The three men fled.

The OPP Crime Unit, the Emergency Response Team, the Canine Unit, the Identification Unit and Lambton officers worked together at the scene. Within a few, hours, according to a police news release, one man was arrested. Police also seized a weapon and money.

David Nahdee, 32, of Walpole Island has been charged with robbery with a weapon, possession of a dangerous weapon and possession of stolen property. The police are trying to identify the other two people involved in the robbery.