Cannabis plant a go in Watford


Warwick Council has given a Toronto-area company the green light to build a cannabis facility in the industrial park.
Brigitte Tuekam applied to set up a micro cultivation facility in Watford. While the cannabis facility is considered to fit the zoning requirements of the bylaw, the bylaw didn’t specifically mention cannabis facilities. So, council had to determine if it was appropriate to allow Tuekam to set up shop.
And throughout the discussion, the biggest concern seemed to be the affect the cannabis plant would have on any of the neighbours. The greenhouse facility in Enniskillen – High Park Farms – was referenced a number of times as having a odour problem.
But the Watford facility, Tuekam told councillors Monday, will be completely closed off to the public – a warehouse with no windows and double doors to keep any of the odours coming from the cannabis plants inside.
Under Health Canada regulations, which the new facility will be obligated to follow, cannabis outlets are not to emit odours.

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