More housing on horizon near Petrolia golf course

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The ground work is being laid for more housing around Heritage Heights Golf Course in Petrolia.
In 2001, the course expanded to an 18-hole layout, with the nine holes being built within the Glenview Estates subdivision.
In October, the new owner of the course – Randy Singh and a numbered company owned by John Paul Williams of Williams Landscaping in the Mooretown area, went to the Committee of Adjustment to have several small pieces of land around the golf course realigned.
Ray Dobbin represented the companies.
Dobbin says there is “potential in the future” for the further development of the subdivision. He says there could be as many as 40 homes developed around the back nine holes.
This phase of the Glenview Subdivision would be across from the dam off First Avenue.
The committee meeting was packed with worried neighbours who were concerned the development would spell the end to the newer part of the course. Dobbin says that is not going to happen.
“The development will not affect the golf course,” he told The Independent.
“One hole might get changed around to do it.”
Dobbin says the land swap was “housekeeping to make it all one parcel of land” and adds the actual housing development could be some time in the making.
“It may never go or it may go in the next two years,” says Dobbin.