PW repairing shoreline at Lamrecton


The Independent

Plympton-Wyoming will spend $394,000 to secure the 54 meters of shoreline at Lamrecton Park this year.
The town has been making improvements to the former summer camp all year, however the waves and high water levels have been damaging the beach’s shoreline. In a report to council, CAO Carolyn Tripp says the property owners beside the park have been making improvements to their shorelines. The town hired an engineer to look at the park’s shoreline.
Engineers said the town could reinforce the shoreline with either steel or armour stone – a method preferred by conservation authority officials in the past.
Council agreed to place a double layer of armour stone in at the park to stop the destruction of the shoreline this year at a cost of $394,000.
While the design provides stability for the shoreline with a smaller amount of stone, the engineer says skilled contractors will need to be used to make sure the stone is placed correctly and the toe of the structure will be deep into the ground to prevent further erosion..