Port Lambton school evacuated after gas leak


There were a few tense moments at Sacred Heart School in Port Lambton Thursday.

Around 11:15 am St. Clair Fire got the call that a contractor working at the school had cut a gas line, according to Chief Richard Boyes. “It was the contractor doing an additon to the school; obviously they didn’t call before they dug,” says Boyes.

Sacred Heart is in the middle of a $4.2 million expansion project which includes removing portables, building two new classrooms, new washrooms and expanding the child care centre.

After the two-inch line was cut, the contractor ran into the school and worked with the staff to evacuate the students to the backyard as they waited for the Port Lambton and Wilkesport firefighters to arrive. The students later were taken across the road to a cemetery where staff felt it was a safe distance. Parents were called to pick up their kids for the day.

ST Clair Fire Chief Richard Boyes

When firefighters arrived – spraying water on the break to keep the leak under control, says Boyes.

Enbridge Gas arrived at about 12:30 pm and turned off the natural gas supply to the line.

The chief says everyone worked together well to make sure “what was a big event, turned into a non-event.”

“The evacuation went as planned,” Boyes added. “That’s why the schools train.”