Family Day fun in Central Lambton


The weekend was packed with Family Day activities. Clockwise from upper left, Evan Haan was participating in the free throw competition in Watford.; Peter Wise chomps down on a hotdog during the open house at the Petrolia and North Enniskillen Fire Hall on Sunday.; Instead of playing checkers Garrett and Grayson Gillespie decided to stack them on Sunday at the Y in Petrolia.; Youngsters got to try their hand at putting out a simulated fire with an extinguisher at the fire hall open house.; Inflatables were a big hit at the Y on Monday.; Nora Collier was all smiles at the Y on Monday.; Nikoma Rose-Day got his face painted during Family Day activities in Watford.; There was lots of vintage stuff to see at the Heritage Open House on Saturday at Victoria Hall.; Volunteers were busy at New Life Assembly as there were many out for breakfast on Monday.

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