Hydro One route sparks concern, runs over Dawn-Euphemia homes, farms

One of three possibilities Hydro One is proposing for a second Longwood to Lakeshore Power lines. It goes right over some of the homes in Dawn-Euphemia.

Heather Wright/The Independent

Hydro One’s second transmission line from Strathroy to Lakeshore may dip through the southern portion of Dawn-Euphemia. And it could have a big impact on property owners there.

The utility is already working on two transmission line projects, one in St. Clair and another from Strathroy to Lakeshore. It hopes to have it in service by 2030.

But with the Independent Energy Supply Operator estimating demand for power in the southwest quadrupling by 2035, the provincial government asked Hydro One to look at building a second transmission line at the same time.

Hydro One recently released three preferred routes for the line.

Two were along the same corridor as existing routes, the other makes its way through the southern portion of Dawn-Euphemia around Cairo Road (formerly Highway 79), Fansher Road and Bilton Line.

An interactive map on Hydro One’s website shows the double powerline dissecting three properties, going over top of one home, a large drive shed on Cairo Road and cutting through the backyard of a home on Bilton Line.

Dawn-Euphemia Mayor Al Broad has heard from a number of landowners who are very upset about the proposed route.

“Definitely, some landowners are not happy about it,” he told council Monday.

“If you actually bring that map up on your computer and keep blowing it up, it’s going over top of a few houses. Rather ironic though, they really try hard to miss the bushes but didn’t mind putting it over a few houses. It kind of shows you where their priorities are.”

Broad says its not clear what the preferred route is. “Maybe they’ll wait and see who complains the least.”

Hydro One’s says they look at technical and environmental features and physical constraints like “dense residential area and environmentally significant areas.”

Hydro One plans several open houses, including one in Thamesville, on April 3 and Glencoe April. 4.