Farm equipment shed on Lambton Line destroyed

There has been another fire which has destroyed a farm equipment shed. Dawn-Euphemia and St. Clair firefighters were called to a home on Lambton Line near Mandaumin Road about 5 pm. Dawn-Euphemia Deputy Fire Chief Don Ewing says by the time firefighters arrived it was completely engulfed in flames. Ewing says the homeowner noticed the …Read More

LCCVI trio’s wins a first in the province

Three LCCVI students have claimed a top prize in a prestigious province wide contest. Lexi Graham, Harris Annett and Emma Kelly all won ...
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The Independent up for eight awards

The Independent has been named one of the top newspapers in the province in its class. It’s one of eight …Read More

Warwick considers roadside garbage and recycling

Warwick councillors want to know if rural residents want roadside garbage pickup. Right now, Watford residents have roadside pickup. Everyone …Read More