High Park Farms edible plans quashed by Enniskillen

High Park Farms’ won’t be producing cannabis-infused candy and chocolate at its greenhouse near Petrolia. The cannabis producer applied to change the zoning on the greenhouse to allow for the production of the edibles creating up to 40 new jobs at the facility. Tuesday night, the plan stalled after Enniskillen Township Councillor Wally Dunn asked …Read More

Community responds to make Christmas for Everyone

  Sandra Hartman says the generosity of Petrolians has restored her faith in Christmas again. Hartman spearheads Christmas for ...
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Lakeshore homeowners ask Plympton-Wyoming to withhold cash from conservation authority

Frustrated lakeshore property owners are demanding Plympton-Wyoming council withholds partial payment to the St. Clair Conservation Authority unless they get …Read More

Brooke-Alvinston looks for a one-year Inwood deal

Brooke-Alvinston council is making another approach to the Inwood Firemens’ Association to use the hall – at least on an …Read More