Ombudsman says closed meeting between Petrolia and YMCA illegal

Ontario’s Ombudsman says Petrolia town councillors should not have met privately with YMCA officials just because the sensitive information could have led to public speculation. The Independent of Petrolia and Central Lambton first filed a complaint against the municipality Oct. 25 saying Petrolia council improperly talked about the issue in private session. Council came out …Read More

Petrolia Y surpasses membership goal

The YMCA is well ahead of its targets to increase membership at the former Oil Heritage District Community Centre. The Y took over ...
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NDP candidate shaped by family

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of articles on the candidates in the Sarnia-Lambton Riding. When Kathy …Read More

Politics in NDP candidate’s DNA

  EDITORS NOTE: The Independent is doing a series of personality profiles on the candidates. The first is NDP Candidate …Read More