Woman heading to small claims court after two windshields shattered in two weeks

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Demi Krall thinks second broken windshield in less than a month is a more than just bad luck.

The Enniskillen Township woman bought a Jeep a month ago and was driving to work along Oil Heritage Road several weeks ago when a garbage truck pulled out the Waste Management landfill and threw a rock at her windshield, breaking it.

She paid $300 to have the windshield replaced without thinking much more about it.

Then two weeks later, at the exact same spot, another garbage truck threw another rock smashing the new windshield and scattering shards of glass inside.

This time, Krall thought it was no accident. The rock seems to be a piece of cement and it has rubber marks on each side of it. Krall believes the rock was perhaps construction material and it was lodged between the wheels of the garbage hauler. As it picked up speed, it became loose and hit Krall’s windshield.

Krall called the landfill and officials were helpful but couldn’t provide financial relief and the garbage collection company said it wouldn’t help either saying it was “an act of God.”

“If it was a meteor shower or something it would be an act of God,” says Krall.

So Krall went to the Ministry of Transportation for answers. She learned transport drivers are mandated by law to check their vehicles every 24 hours, but officials told The Independent there is no requirement to check more than that after they stop at an industrial site.

“That’s more of a common sense thing,” says Gary Armstrong supervisor at the Windsor Ministry of Transportation Truck Inspection Station.

Krall is frustrated because so far, both companies have refused to acknowledge any fault in the incident nor offered any help.

“I’m not asking for them to pay for the first windshield …I just want them to pay the second windshield,” she says. “It’s a lot of money paying for a new windshield every two weeks.”

Krall intends to file papers in small claims court to recoup at least $300 from the companies. And she shared her story in the hope that anyone else who experienced the same thing might get in contact with her.

In the meantime, she is avoiding Oil Heritage Road. “I’m afraid to go by there again,” she says. “It’s pretty scary.”