Film crew lights up Petrolia

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Petrolia was glowing as a US film crew got to work on the scenes they’re shooting at Sunnyside Mansion – also known as Fairbank House.

Giant lights suspended from a crane illuminated the old home casting an eerie glow in the area and the historic home. The film makers also deployed smoke in the area leaving a mist hanging in the air.

Residents stood quietly on the sidewalk, watching the crew, with cellphones in hand to capture the action.

Trucks with equipment fill Petrolia Line and a staging area on Tank Street is also full of the giant rental trucks loaded with items for the shoot.

The crews could also be seen at Town Hall, where some of the meals were served.

Petrolia Line is blocked off to traffic from First Ave to Greenfield Street as are several side streets, until Saturday morning to accommodate the shooting schedule.

Light streams toward Sunnyside as film crews prepare for a scene in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


A director talks with the actors just before shooting a scene.


Residents were out watching a Hollywood production in action late into the night.


8 Responses to “Film crew lights up Petrolia”

  1. Margaret Egan

    Wonderful to see our historic home featured in a film. What a beautiful old building!
    This home needs to be saved! Shame what is happening to such a valuable piece of history.

  2. Carol Main

    How exciting that a movie is being made in the little rural town of PETROLIA. Showcasing a home that once was a beautiful historical building in it’s time. Wondering when this movie will be in the theatres?

  3. Carol

    This is a beautiful old mansion. It realy looks like something in a movie and its great publicity for the small town of Petrolia.. Anxious to see the movie.

  4. Irene

    I feel honored knowing that a particular building site in Petrolia is appreciated for it’s part in a film & it’s my sis-in-law-friends home town too Quite excited