Plympton-Wyoming hails ‘The King’

The king is moving into Plympton-Wyoming. Plympton-Wyoming council has given Burger King permission to begin construction of an addition onto the existing restaurant at the Esso Truck Stop near the 402 exit on Oil Heritage Road. Drawing submitted by the company’s consultant show the building would go on the north side of the current 5,100… Read more »

Interest growing in cornstalk harvesting

Don McGugan sees the giant bales of cornstalks in his field on Old Walnut Road as money in his pocket. The Brooke-Alvinston mayor allowed the Ontario Federation of Agriculture and a number of equipment dealers to head into his cornfield for three days to show farmers, scientists and businesspeople just how the now unused stocks… Read more »

For Deker: Family wants to set up drop-in centre to prevent suicide

Teresa Ingles wants to carry on her son’s legacy. The former Petrolia woman has set up the Deker Bauer Foundation for Suicide Prevention in honour of her son who completed suicide this past summer while visiting a friend in Petrolia. Ingles says Deker has been struggling mental health issues since he was a young boy…. Read more »

One dead after crash near Petrolia

The OPP say one person is dead after a car smashed into the back of a tractor with a trailer on Petrolia Line, just outside of Petrolia. It happened around 6 this morning near Fairweather Road. Police are on the scene investigating and have closed Petrolia Line from Fairweather to Mandaumin Roads.