Petrolia video captures UFO hunters imagination

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A Petrolia woman’s video has captured the imagination of UFO hunters.

Caroline Connelly sent a number of videos she has taken over the summer from her backyard of lights in the sky – including one Oct. 1 around 10:30 am.

“I had a premonition the day before, that I was going to see something,” she says. Connelly says three points of light formed a triangle in the sky and were quite bright considering it was daylight.

Connelly’s mother, Carol, was reluctant to share the story but says her son convinced her that there may be something to the video.

“I didn’t believe in anything like that and her brother is a bit of a skeptic too,” she says noting the both thought Connelly should try to find out what the triangular lights were.

So she submitted the video – along with still photographs and several other videos – to MUFON – the Mutual UFO Network.

Roberto Posadas was the field investigator who first looked at Connelly’s video.  He says it “really caught our attention, particularly the one with the three small white lights. When we looked at them, we couldn’t identify what it was.”

Posadas says general they are able to identify about 95 per cent of the lights and objects people present as UFO. Generally, he says, they’re navigation lights from planes.

But Connelly’s video has them wondering. “It’s very interesting to us… the video she sent us…it is very hard to forge something like that…that video evidence was very good.”

The video will be sent on to other UFO investigators within the Canadian volunteer organization and in the United States.

But for now Posadas says it is unidentified. He’s looking for others who might have seen what Connelly did to submit a report to their website. “If someone could explain it, I would love to know what it is.”