Therrien wants to show you her world


Patti Therrien wants to show you the colours and shapes she sees in nature.

The Sarnia artist acrylic show opened at Victoria Hall this week. Her work from Lambton County, the United States and as far away as Rome, can be seen gracing the walls of the council chamber until the end of this month.

Some of the pieces will be familiar, such as a scene from Canatara Park in Sarnia or the vistas of Yellowstone National Park. And others will be abstracts.

Therrien says she loves to go back and forth between landscape and abstract works. “I go from abstract back to landscape, your more fluid that way. It makes you a lot more relaxed. “

“When I do landscapes it is more storytelling, I’ve been there and I want to show you. When I do abstract, it is seeing things in a different light,” she says.

Therrien adds, saying her family as spent many hours enjoying nature and traveling by car to get there. “When we’re driving along, if I see the slightest bit of red, I say ‘Stop!’

“I’ve always been interested in the colours and shapes in the things that you see in nature.”