New 3-D printing technique on display


You have a chance to learn about 3-D Printing.

3D Scanning or Digitizing is using white light, blue LED scanners, or laser based sensors to ‘scan’ a surface and capture required features and geometry of an object in digital format. Advances in 3D measurement technology have made it possible to quickly and accurately capture 3D data from parts, assemblies and tooling, to entire operating facilities such as refineries.

The Bluewater Technology Access Center at Lambton College is hosting a seminar on the technology tomorrow morning starting at 7:30 am and then again at 3:30 pm

BTAC spokesperson Maike Luiken says the technology can revolutionize the way parts are engineered for the manufacturing and oil and gas sector along with many others.

The presentation, she says will provide practical examples of how the new 3D technology can be used.

For more information call 519-318-2712.