Coffee lovers in Petrolia get one free


Heather Wright Photo

Chester Meredith chats with Petrolia Tim Horton’s staff and co-owner Angela Stecker as he waits for his free donuts. Meredith was one of many people who could take advantage of the kindness of a stranger who donated $500 for morning coffee.


Mary Braet couldn’t believe her ears.

The Petrolia woman was about to order her morning coffee at the crowded Tim Horton’s in Petrolia when the owners surprised their morning regulars. “I was about to order and the manager said, ‘Hold on. I have an announcement to make. A gentleman cam in and offered to $500 to pay it forward. Anyone who comes in gets their order free.'”

Braet says the whole coffee shop cheered and she happened to be the first in line for her free coffee.

“It was a nice surprise,” she says.

The franchise co-owner Angela Stecker says a regular of the Petrolia shop came in earlier wanting to do something nice. “He wanted to donate $500 cash as a pay it forward,” says Stecker.

It mimics the pay-it-forward craze that struck Tim Horton’s chains in Western Canada over the summer. “He’d heard it on the news and thought it was a nice gesture. It shows good community spirit.”

Stecker says the man, who wanted to remain anonymous, and the owners planned the event for Monday morning “It’s a nice start to the week,” she says.






  1. What a nice gesture! That would really make someone’s morning extra special! It reminds me of the “suspended coffees” that I heard about where people pay for their coffee and another one for someone else. The store keeps track of how many “suspended coffees” there are. If someone comes in and can’t afford a coffee, they ask whether there are any “suspended coffees” and get their’s free, if there are.

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