Gentlemen, start your mowers!


When spring rolls around and you hear the roar of the lawnmowers, it may not be your neighbour cutting the grass.

The Western Ontario Outlaws Lawn Tractor Association has been racing several different classes of souped up lawnmowers since 2007.  Wendy Calvank says they had several spots to race including a farm on Lasalle Line. But that track closed down and it has been difficult to find venues to race.

Now, the association has rented a track owned by Peter Greydanus and plans to run events in the junior, Economodified, Modified, Supermodified and Outlaw classes with the mowers running with speeds of up to 60 miles per hour starting in May.

It’s taken some work. The track was originally built for motorcycles so it was too big for lawnmowers. It had also grown over with weeds. Calvank says association members have been working on the track and are getting excited about the prospects of a summer of racing.

Calvank and her family all have machines of their own. Her husband and son first started racing and when her son got a new machine, she decided it was her time to race.

“It was a nice looking machine,” says Calvank. “It had a grey and black hood but I switched out the hood and I have a pink one. I’ve girled it up.”

Calvank and her family can’t wait for the season to start in May. They’re also hearing from members from as far away as Owen Sound who are gearing up for the new season.

She adds if anyone is interested in joining the sport, they can visit the associations website to learn more about building their own racer.

“There are lots of instructions on the website and there guys who will always answer your questions.”