Scanning through family history at the Petrolia Library


Dave Hext is hoping you’ll share a bit of your family history on Family Day.

Petrolia Heritage along with the Lambton Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society and the Lambton County will be at the Petrolia Library Saturday, Feb. 22 between 11 am and 3 pm screening old family photos and taking pictures of family momento.

Hext expects to see a lot of people who are working on their family history but he is also hoping people with unusual objects will stop by. He says very often people don’t realize their items have historical significance.

Recently, Hext was talking to a man in Petroia and came to find out there was a piece of sports history in his shed. “He said he’d have to dig it out,” says Hext. “People have these items and they’re not aware other people might like to see them.”

And that might apply to the simplest everyday items. “It might be an old teapot that you make tea in – but that might be one of the old teapots sold at the old Fairbank Store.

“It might be a slide ruler or an ink well and it doesn’t have to be very old…Sometimes people will see that and it brings a tear to their eye.”

Along with the scanner, the Petrolia Photography Club will be on hand with a light box to make high quaility photographs of small items.